Radical SR3 XX

The latest Radical SR3 XX is now available to be ordered through GWR Australia. As an official Radical agent, GWR Australia is authorised to source parts and conduct factory-approved maintenance on all Radical race cars.


Compared to the previous model SR3 RSX, the XX features some key updates including:

  • All-new solid state power distribution module (PDM)
  • Re-designed cockpit
  • Multi-function steering wheel with integrated digital display
  • Revised LED lighting
  • Composite mirrors
  • New rear wing endplates
  • Optional tyre pressure/temperature sensors
  • Optional ride height sensors


Mechanically, the SR3 XX retains the fundamental mechanical components of the RSX, including a four-cylinder Suzuki motorcycle engine and a six-speed paddle-shift gearbox.

Full Radical SR3 XX specifications are available in the SR3 XX information pack, which can be downloaded HERE.

For more information or to enquire about purchasing a Radical SR3 XX, please contact us here.