Myriam Walden Announces Departure from GWR

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Myriam Walden Announces Departure from GWR

It is with sadness that GWR Australia announces the departure of one of the founding members of our team and one of the biggest contributors to our success.

Myriam Walden, who has been part of GWR since our inception in 2014 and worked full-time as Operations Manager since 2015, has elected to return to her career in corporate finance and will leave us in April.

Myriam is known and loved by everyone in the GWR fraternity – our drivers, customers, crew members and even our rivals!

At the race track, everyone will be familiar with Myriam as the person who would always go out of her way to keep everyone comfortable, well-fed, well-hydrated and happy. However, many people may not have seen Myriam’s tireless efforts in the workshop and behind the scenes – the early mornings, the late nights, the never-ending phone calls and all the other tremendous personal sacrifices Myriam made because she believed in our team, and was prepared to do what ever it took to ensure it would succeed.

While we are currently undergoing a restructure (including the appointment of David Steinwede as our General Manager), Myriam’s absence will leave a void that will be extremely difficult to replace, not just because of what she did, but because of how she did it. Every day, her positive demeanour motivated everyone to keep pushing forward and keep striving for excellence.

The final word goes to our Managing Director, Garth Walden.

“I am very sad to see Myriam go – there is no doubt that GWR would not be the operation it is today without her immense dedication, belief, determination and pure work ethic.

“Myriam’s kind and caring personality has made her a favourite of everyone in our team and a very popular member of the wider motorsport community.

“Apart from managing the operational, financial and logistical aspects of GWR, Myriam has been a beacon of emotional support during the toughest times and she will be missed very much by everyone.

“We wish Myriam all the very best for the next stage of her journey and we are very sad to see her go.”