Clean and Confidence Building Weekend for Padayachee and GWR

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Clean and Confidence Building Weekend for Padayachee and GWR

Indiran Padayachee and GWR have emerged from a wild weekend at Sandown Raceway unscathed amid chaos that saw many experienced drivers come unstuck.

Padayachee qualified 24th and was just 1.4 seconds away from the PRO-AM pole in what was an incredibly tight field. He finished 21st in race one, keeping out of trouble in the only dry race of the weekend.

Race two was incredibly wet and it was the first time that Padayachee had driven in the wet conditions at Sandown. Padayachee showed improvement relative to the competition, despite his inexperience in the conditions, with lap times close to those being run by the PRO-AM leaders

In race three Padayachee again had to contend with tricky conditions, with the track quite damp and drivers on slick tyres. Padayachee narrowly missed out on 20th in a close fight to the line with three cars separated by just one second.

“That was a really exciting weekend, to open the Carrera Cup season over just two days. Sunday was very interesting for me, being my first ever wet race at Sandown so that was something I had to learn very quickly. I had to figure out where to place the car, find out where the grip is and what spots to avoid,” said Padayachee.

“I’m happy that we come out of the weekend with a straight car and got through the races without any incidents. I really enjoyed getting back behind the wheel in Carrera Cup, but I really like The Bend and I’ve been quick there before so I really can’t wait to get there next.”

The Bend will host round two of the Porsche Paynter Dixon Carrera Cup from May 8-9.

Carrera Cup Points:

  1. Cameron Hill – 174
  2. Aaron Love – 132
  3. Cooper Murray – 120
  4. David Wall – 112
  5. Michael Almond – 105
  6. Nick McBride – 91
  7. Dale Wood – 89
  8. Craig Lowndes – 89
  9. Christian Pancione – 84
  10. Harri jones – 63


  1. Stephen Grove – 174
  2. Adrian Flack – 146
  3. Sam Shahin – 128
  4. Marc Cini – 97
  5. Tim Miles – 90
  6. Geoff Emery – 85
  7. Indiran Padayachee – 84
  8. Ben Stack – 84
  9. Scott Taylor – 68